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Telehealth Case Study: Sheila's New Foot

Telehealth Case Study: Sheila’s New Foot

Rural Iowa is gorgeous. But when you need to see a prosthetist to adjust your new high-tech foot, and you can't travel because of ...
Instagram Amputees: Jack Thomas

Instagram Amputees: Jack Thomas

Many musicians have twice as many arms but not even a tenth of Jack Thomas's emotional range. This amputee reminded us that music comes ...
Going the Distance on Social Distance

Going the Distance on Social Distance

Sometimes it feels like we've been living in quarantine forever. To put things in perspective, we rounded up a few cases where people spent ...

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Canoe Athletes

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Kelly AllenCanoeLower5th Placecanoe
Robert BrownCanoeLower1 Bronzecanoe
Jamey ParksCanoeLowercanoe
Anja PierceCanoeLowercanoe